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Is Your Subconscious Mind Your Friend or Enemy?

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Dear Friends

Is your subconscious mind your friend or enemy?

Your subconscious mind ensures you stay safe and alive. It runs all your internal, life-saving functions. This amazing part of you ensures you breathe, and digest food, your blood is purified, your heart beats, your cells renew, and your body functions optimally. For the most part, you are not even consciously aware of all that is happening within your mind and body. Imagine if you had to remember and consciously breathe all day, every day! What are the chances you will get distracted after a few minutes and forget to breathe?

The subconscious mind is your hard drive where all your programs and life data are stored. As you go about your life, you learn skills. Once you have mastered them, they are run automatically by your subconscious. Walking, swimming, driving, reading, and writing, are some such examples.

The conscious mind constantly communicates with the subconscious. When you walk past a coffee shop and smell freshly brewed coffee, the conscious mind checks to see if the most recent past memory of this place and coffee was a pleasant one, and if so, you feel the desire to stop and enjoy a cup of coffee.

In the same way, you may find fears or anxiety arise in certain situations, you may sabotage your efforts to be successful, crave certain foods, get angry for seemingly no reason, lack confidence, feel unworthy, attract unhealthy relationships, or pain. Have you ever wondered why you feel or attract certain things? Is your mind and/or body trying to communicate with you? Are they trying to protect you in some way?

Many of the programs in your mind were created when you were a child, and although they were perfect for you at the time, they may not be valid for you now.

Imagine you need to give a presentation at work. You have worked hard and done all the research and you feel confident. However, as soon as you are about to begin, you feel anxious, your heart starts to pound, a knot forms in your stomach, and just cannot speak. What happened? Your mind may have found some memory of you as a little child who was made fun of during a class presentation. The mind is now trying to protect you from being ridiculed. The subconscious mind will do everything it can to protect you.

Hypnosis can be used to discover the limiting program that may be preventing you from doing the things you wish to do. what programs are you running that are now outdated?

Can you imagine the areas where hypnosis may help you? If you have logically tried everything without success. then the key may be with your subconscious mind!

You will be amazed at how you can use hypnosis to resolve the challenges where other traditional therapies may not have worked.

To find out how simple and effective hypnosis is and how it is nothing like you may have imagined it to be, schedule a free consultation with me.


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