Take a step towards healthier emotions...

Emotions are energy in motion. Supressed desires, wishes, expressions and emotions can disrupt the energy flow through the body and its energy system. Over time this may lead to over expression or suppression of emotions. Emotions processed and release are not harmful. Its actually healthy to calmly and regularly allow the emotions and feeling to flow. But when we are unable to do this, or are now allowed to express, it can lead to many problems such as anxiety, pain, depression, and serious health issues.

We are all empaths to varying degrees. As empaths we are sensitive to the energy and emotions of other people. We can not only feel their emotions, we can absorb them too.


You may spend some time with someone who is feeling sad or angry, and then when you leave them, you may find yourself feeling sad, angry, or drained.  This is because you absorbed some of their emotions in your energetic field. We are taught how to protect our physical body from the weather by dressing up, to protect our home from burglary, but rarely do we learn how to protect our energetic body! Learning energy clearing and protection techniques are essential for maintain energy hygiene.


Anxiety is when we excessively worry about the future. When we discover, heal and release those underlying reasons, there is no need for the mind and body to generate anxious thoughts and symptoms.


Unprocessed, neglected and supresses emotions and traumatic events can be partly responsible for depression.


Working through and releasing such emotions, and making relaxation and stress relief a part of your every day life can help you on your journey to overcome depression. It is important to do this, under the supervision of a physician and medication should not be discontinues unless recommended by the medical doctor.


Sleep is natural. We are born knowing how to sleep. So, we all know how to sleep. Through relaxation techniques and positive suggestions, we can help the body remember how to enjoy peaceful sleep throughout the night.  We are all empaths to varying degrees. As empaths we are prone to absorbing negative energies. Learning energy clearing and protection techniques is an essential part of improving the quality of sleep.

Fears & Phobias

Fears and phobias come from our past experiences, known or unknown. If as a child someone got stuck in an elevator or tight space, they may grow up to have a fear of tight spaces (Claustrophobia). Some fear may have no logical reason that you can consciously remember. You may have travelled by air in the past and then suddenly develop a fear of flying.

 People suffer from many different fears and phobias. Your fears are valid, and they can disrupt your life. Almost always, you can over come them. Fears are usually coming from the subconscious mind, and so logical strategies usually do not work. Hypnotherapy works with the subconscious mind, where the fear is originating from.  Hypnosis can be extremely effective in helping you overcome fears and phobias.


Habits can be difficult to overcome. Most of the time there are many associations to the habit. Some habits are harmless but annoying, while others can be harmful to your health. Hypnosis can work by clearing the reason the habit was formed in the first place as well as releasing the associations and mistaken beliefs that may be associated with the habit. Moderation is often the key, so being more in control of your habit and not doing things unconsciously can be liberating. At other times you may prefer to completely let go of the habit.  Hypnosis can help you take back the control.

Stress may lead to unhealthy behaviours such as unhealthy and compulsive eating, smoking and heavy drinking are all lifestyle factors that increase cancer risk.

~ The Canadian Cancer Society


Chronic stress can be harmful and create many physical as well as mental illnesses. It can lead physical plain, imbalances, emotional extremes, inability to focus, poor memory, irritability, and so much more. In just a few sessions, most people find a marked reduction in their stress levels as well as stress response.