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Take a step towards healthier energy...

I am not a scientist, nor a medical doctor. Therefore, I will speak about energy from my experience, and in a way, I hope, you can feel and understand too.

I believe, everything is energy. Your body, thoughts, feelings are all made up of energy. When you are happy you feel light and energetic and when you are sad or angry you probably feel a little heavy and tired.

Emotions are energy in motion. When you allow yourself to express your emotions as they arise, the energy flows normally. However, when you suppress your emotions, the flow of energy is disrupted. Over time, this can cause physical and/or mental dis-ease.

In our society, we are taught early in life that it is not right to freely express our emotions, especially emotions that are considered negative. Unlike children, we cannot throw a tantrum, cry, scream or lash out every time we get angry or our needs are not met!

You can also absorb energy from others. Negative energies can linger on in spaces too. Have you ever walked into a space, and intuitively felt that something is off there, only to realize that there had been an argument/fight there earlier? Or you meet someone for the first time instantly like or dislike them! This is because you are picking up on their energy.

Taking a brisk walk, running, meditating, reiki and journaling can help express and release emotional energy in a way that won’t hurt you or others.

There are several energy clearing methods that I use to help clear and balance the energy, from the physical body, energetic body (chakras and aura) as well as your work or home space. You will notice the change in the way you feel once the energy is cleared.

“The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results.”

~Anthony Robbins


Fatigue with no medical condition can be a sign that your energy is draining. This can happen due to many reasons. You may be very sensitive to energy (empath). Some relationships, past experiences or unresolved issues can also be exhausting.  In just one to three asessions, you can begin to notice a positive change.


“To heal from the inside out is the key”

~ Wynonna Judd              

Negative Stuck Energy
Negative or Stuck Energy

Negative energy can be absorbed into your energy field from people and energies around you. Unexpressed emotions, unresolved feelings and relationships can also harbour negativity and disrupt the natural flow of energy.  This may feel like heaviness, fogginess, lack of focus, and you may feel low, sad, or anxious. Energy clearing sessions can be effective in changing the way you feel.

Chakras and Auras
Chakras & Auras

Chakras are energy centers in your energy body. They supply energy to your organs, and ensure you have a nice protective energy around you, which is called the Aura.  We have several chakras, but we usually work with 9 main chakras.  Sometimes for various reasons, some chakras me get out of balance. This can, over time, cause discomfort or disease in the organs around that chakra. An imbalance in Throat chakra may result in throat issues such as an imbalanced thyroid. Root chakra is responsible for all we need for survival such financial abundance, skeletal system and relationship with parents and ancestors. 

A good strong healthy aura will protect you from absorbing negative energies and dis-ease. It helps you feel safe.

Chakra and aura clearing sessions can restore balance and enhance your body’s natural ability to be healthy.

“You can relieve pain and suffering by learning to take better care of your chakras.”

~Catherine Carrigan

Energy Attachments
Energy Attachments

At times, for some unknown reasons we may have energy attachments. These can cause blocks and challenges on different levels, often for no known reason. Clearing these energies can have a dramatic and positive change.

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