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What’s driving your actions?

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Looking back consciously, we often don’t see the connection. But a part of the ‘soul’ gets stuck there on the timeline. The subconscious mind does all it can to protect us from going through another similar situation, past pain, and hurt.

As parents or care providers, we do what we believe to be the best for our child/children. However, we are often acting from our own failures, fears, pain, limiting beliefs, and experiences. We forget every child has his/her own life plan. In our own desire to teach and guide the child to do what we feel is in their best interest, we may actually prevent the child from moving forward on their life journey, feeling empowered and confident.

I am not saying we need not guide the child. It is a fine line. We all have a myriad of limiting beliefs from our childhood, we are all also guilty of making some mistakes as parents and care providers. We cannot beat ourselves about it, we cannot live in guilt or anger.

The good news is limiting beliefs and fears can be healed and released at the subconscious level… where they are stored and causing us to react against our desires and goals. Begin by healing your inner child and uniting all parts of you, so you can be free of your past trauma and challenges.

Just like the wake from a boat, your power does not reside in what is already behind you (the past). Are you choosing to give your power away to the past? The real strength lies within you, right now, right here. Unless of course, you wish to continue to give power to the wake! And that is perfectly ok. You have a free will after all! We all do.

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Love 'n' Light

Sonia Madan

Asra Wellness Center

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