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Meditation Basics

Choose a place and time to meditate:

Choose a quiet place, where you can meditate daily without being disturbed. When you take time to meditate daily at the same time and place, you are priming your mind and body to relax. When you repeatedly meditate in the same place, you raise the energy vibrations of the space and you will naturally begin to feel more centered and relaxed there.

Start with just 2 minutes

When you begin to practice, set aside just 2-5 minutes to meditate. Once you are comfortable with this, each week increase the time by a minute until you are meditating for about ten minutes.

Choose your favorite meditation position

  • Sit on a straight-backed chair, with your feet flat on the ground, with your back comfortable and straight but not rigid.

  • Sit on a couch, floor, meditation cushion, or stool with your back comfortable and straight but not rigid.

  • Lotus or semi-lotus position

  • Your hands may rest on your thighs.

Take time to relax the body

Pay attention to the areas where you likely hold tension, such as the forehead, eyes, jaw, neck, shoulders, hands, and abdomen, and relax them.


Focusing on an object or sensation settles the wandering mind and helps to ground your energy. You may focus on one of the following:

  • Breath

  • A sensation in your body such as tingling, warmth, or the rise and fall of your abdomen.

  • Between your eyebrows (third eye)

  • Your heart

  • A word or phrase (often referred to as a mantra)

Let go of all expectations and judgments.

Every meditation session is unique. At times you may feel agitated and restless, while there will occasions when you feel totally centered and at peace. Your mind may be overactive or perfectly still and at peace. You may see colours, images, or just darkness. Every experience is unique and perfect. Just observe.

When you get distracted by thoughts, sensations, feelings, or images, just notice them, acknowledge them, and let them go. Then return to the object of your focus.

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