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Meditation and Religion

Updated: May 7, 2023

I often get asked, what is the relationship, connection, or difference between meditation and religion? Here are my thoughts.

Religion and meditation are both paths to finding your true nature and the oneness with all that is.

In religion, we talk to God (who we may feel is outside of us, or up there in heaven) through prayer and follow the ancient teachings according to the religion we follow.

In meditation, we tune in and listen. Meditation as well as prayer are about soul searching, seeking answers to deep meaningful questions, and finding inner peace.

In meditation, we go inwards, with a desire to find the connection to the source energy, to the wisdom, knowledge, love, and the knowing that is within us and all around us. We listen to the voice within, call it God, wisdom, source, or the consciousness that we are. We strive to find and experience “who we really are” and what is our true purpose in life.

Through deep meditation we can discover that there is no separation, we are all connected, and we are all one. We all come from the same source. We are intimately interconnected with all life forms. We are energy beings and energy can never be destroyed, it can only be transmuted and transformed. Thus, we are infinite beings, life does not end, it simply transforms into a different form.

And when we realize and experience this oneness with the energy of pure love that we all are, we allow the illusion of separation and duality to fall away and all pain and suffering to dissolve.

To get to that awakened state, we may meditate regularly, pray, spend time in nature connecting to the serenity within, feel deep appreciation for everything, or simply follow our joy. We begin to live in the present moment, experiencing and acting from a place of love. We don’t judge anything as good or bad, right or wrong. We simply see everything as it is. We accept, allow, and feel all fears, suppressed emotions, feelings, beliefs, doubts, pain, karmas, anger, resentment, and jealousy that surface, and let love transmute them. All feelings of separation, all feelings of good, bad, justice, injustice, fear, and suffering dissolve naturally. We begin to see and experience everything as a gift, blessing, and perfection. And in our ability to see everything as whole, perfect, and healthy, it becomes just that. We become one with all life, we become love and light.

Love, Light & Joy


Sonia Madan

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