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Relationship Between Energy Centers and Diseases

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

We all have a body, that is dense and visible to the naked eye. We also have a subtle energy/light body that cannot be seen by most people, but with a little practice, it can be felt. This energy radiates from within the body and forms a protective layer that surrounds us. This layer is called the ‘Aura’

There are many energy centers in the body. These are called the ‘Chakras’. The word ‘Chakra’ means ‘Wheel of spinning Energy’. They are swirling whirlpools of energy. There are several minor and major energy centers. Out of these, there are seven major chakras that run from the base of the spine to the top of the head.

Imagine a pillar of light running through your spine. The major chakras are attached to this pillar of light. As with each breath, you inhale fresh air and exhale toxins and carbon dioxide, the chakras bring in fresh energy and expel unhealthy energies. The energies absorbed by the chakras are channeled around your body through the meridians, in the same way as the veins and arteries circulate blood.

The chakras are affected by your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and experiences. As long as you accept and process your feelings and emotions, the energy flows with ease. However, when these feelings and emotions are consistently suppressed, over time, this can create energetic blocks. This interferes with the efficiency of the chakras and energy systems. The disruption of the energy flow reduces the energy available to the body, leading to feeling low on energy, irritable, emotional, and drained, eventually leading to physical and/or mental dis-ease.

Every chakra has a different color and is responsible for certain organs, body functions, feelings, and emotions. These colors relate to the colors of the rainbow. If one chakra is out of balance it can affect all other chakras. Clogged or underactive chakras hold onto energy creating feelings of being stuck, and an inability to express or attract abundance. Chakras that are too big or overactive can drain your energy, making you feel depleted, overexpressing your feelings, being hyperactive, and in the process feeling drained of energy and/or resources.

It is a good idea to clear, align and balance the chakras on a regular basis to ensure that they function efficiently. Just as you ensure that you eat nutritious food, keep your body clean, exercise, rest, and get good quality sleep, it is important to maintain a good energy hygiene routine. When your body is supported, physically, emotionally, and energetically, it can maintain a healthy and strong immune system so you can enjoy good health on all levels.

Do you see the importance of maintaining a healthy chakra system?

I offer chakra and energy clearing and balancing sessions. Most people notice positive changes in as little as 3 sessions.

Below are some additional ways to maintain a good flow of energy through the chakra system:

  • Practicing chakra balancing meditations on a regular basis.

  • Walking in nature while grounding your energy and strengthening the connection with the earth, source, and natural elements.

  • Wearing more of the colors related to the chakras that are under or over-active.

  • Eating a healthy diet that contains fruits and vegetables in different colors.

I have recorded a mediation to help balance and align the chakras. Although it is usually available only to the members of unlimited meditation programs (anyone can sign up for this), I have unlocked this meditation and it will be available for anyone to enjoy for the next few weeks.

To listen to the meditation, check the blog post: The Rainbow Bridge Meditation for Chakra Balancing.

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