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If the world is a projection, what are you projecting?

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

What you are projecting is creating your reality. Think of a spider’s web that catches insects. Thoughts are like insects caught in the web in the form of intention. Eventually, the spider gets caught in its own web!

The word ‘abracadabra’ literally means, ‘I will create as I will speak’. So, what words do you use in your vocabulary all day? What are you thinking and feeling, consciously as well as unconsciously? These thoughts, emotions, feelings, and words, will not just travel through the web of energies to people you direct them towards, but their energy will find its way to people around the world! The vibration of this energy that you send out will, most likely, eventually rain back on you and your life! We call this KARMA!

The first step is to become aware of the thoughts your mind is constantly generating. If your life is not in harmony with your desires, then something is off balance. Once you notice the thought patterns, you can then begin to change your thoughts. Focus on the positive thoughts, things that you appreciate and are grateful for. imagine what it would feel like when you are enjoying the life you desire. Or simply focus on doing what makes you feel excited and happy, uplifts your energy, lights you up. Below are some ideas to get you started. The key is to be consistent, practice at least one of the suggestions below, daily for at least 40 days without expectations, just for fun.

  1. Meditate and notice your thoughts, put each negative, dis-empowering thought in a bubble and let it go.

  2. Meditate and daydream as if your desires are already fulfilled. See, imagine, smell, hear, and feel the joy of having achieved them and having accomplished your goals.

  3. Journal and write a story about your future which is happy, joyful, healthy, abundant. Let your imagination run wild. There is no limitation nor lack in your dream world! To manifest, you first need to create it energetically, mentally and feel the feelings as vividly as you can.

  4. Send love, light, blessings, appreciation to everyone you can think of anyone you meet or see passing by. Do this every day for 40 days and notice the change.

Have fun, find joy in the little things, and do whatever makes you happy.

Love 'n' Light

Sonia Madan, Asra Wellness Center.

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