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The Moon Ritual

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

While the new moon is a time to sow seeds, the full moon is a time to pull weeds—a time to release the things that no longer serve us.

Create a Sacred Space

Ideally, sit outside under the full moon for the Full Moon Meditation. If this is not possible, sit near a window

or visualize yourself sitting out in the open under the full moon.

Use some White Sage or Palo Santo to smudge the space around you and yourself. If you are performing this ceremony with friends, smudge each other too.

You may invite the Four Directions, the Four Elements, or Your Angels, Guides, and nature helpers to be with you, support you and guide you.

Create an altar, with meaningful things such as crystals, flowers, and feathers. To add the elements, place a glass of water and a candle.

As you arrange the space, feel gratitude and appreciation for the natural elements, as you place them on your altar.

Set Your Intention

Write a short letter to the moon asking clearly for what you want help with.

New Moon

Write about what you wish to plant seeds for and would like to see grow over the next moon phase. Perhaps you would like more clarity or creativity around an issue. Perhaps you would like to invite more joy and abundance

Full Moon

Write about what you wish to release and let go. This can be a relationship, a limiting belief, a habit, a grudge, an ailment, block or an emotion that is coming in the way of your desires and wishes.

Place your letter on your altar where you will leave it to be received by the moon overnight. You may like to hold this piece of paper in your hands during the mediation.

Meditate and/or spend some time praying and chanting. Surrendering your doubts, your fears and welcoming the positive, feeling your wishes and desires fulfilled of they are for your highest and greatest good.

Rituals are immensely powerful! Observe how you feel over the next few days. You may like to journal any insights, dreams, or ideas that you receive. It is a good idea to increase your water intake around the full moon. As the moon rules the water element, a bath can also be a great post-ritual addition.

Join us for guided meditation sessions. I would for you to be part of our meditation circle.

Love, Light, and Joy

Sonia Madan

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