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Take steps towards better sleep

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Have you been finding it hard to sleep well, especially during these challenging times? Many of you, who have enjoyed the weekly meditations I have been offering, have reported a marked improvement in the quality of sleep. So, today I would like to share some simple ways to improve the quality of your sleep.

" Sleep is critical to physical health and effective functioning of the immune system. It’s also a key promoter of emotional wellness and mental health, helping to beat back stress, depression, and anxiety."

Create a sanctuary Your bedroom is a place for intimacy, relaxation, and sleep. Not work and stress. Create a space where you relax and disconnect from stress. Surround yourself with things you cherish. Some ideas:

  • Diffuser with a relaxing essential oil such as lavender.

  • A Himalayan salt lamp

  • Soothing music or white noise

  • Keep clutter out. Do not take work or check emails in the bedroom.

  • Do not watch television or use your phone in the bedroom.

Photo by Jopeel Quimpo on Unsplash

Have a bedtime ritual or steps

that sends a message to your mind and body that it is time to sleep.

Here are some suggestions:

A warm shower or bath with salt and soothing essential oils, brushing teeth, dressing in clean breathable nightclothes, turning on a diffuser or soothing music, turning off the phone, having a cup of tea or a warm turmeric latte, writing a journal for a few minutes – gratitude for the day and intention for the next day, a few minutes of meditation and slow breathing.

Photo by Emily Bauman on Unsplash

Crystals ideal for bedroom

Amethyst: healing; reduces stress and anxiousness

Moonstone: reduces emotional stress Rose Quartz: self-love and for enhancing the heart energy Blue Lace Agate: for calming Smoky Quartz, Tourmaline for grounding Selenite: for clearing the energy and improving sleep Tip: hold one of the crystals in your hand while you meditate. repeat for a week before you go to a different one. See how you feel in the presence of the crystal, trust your intuition. Once you know which ones you resonate with, you can keep the ones you like in a small dish on your nightstand. If you are a Reiki practitioner, clear and energize the crystals and set the intention for them.

photo credit: Sarah Brown - unsplash

Slow Mindful Breathing/Meditation

I have found mindful and intentional breathing to be one of the simplest and most effective strategies for calming down.

When you are stressed or anxious your breath automatically becomes shallow as your body perceives danger and begins to prepare to take appropriate action. So, when you slow down your breath you are sending a clear message to your mind and body that it is safe to relax. The body reacts by slowing down the heart rate and blood pressure. the tension begins to dissolve. In such a relaxed state, at bedtime, you naturally drift off into a restful sleep.

Make slow deep breathing a regular practice throughout the day. You may take 5 slow deep breaths every time you wash your hands; before every meal and drink; every time you look at a mirror, or before every meeting and at bedtime.

Relaxation Technique: Count to Five

  1. Sit comfortably, back relaxed yet straight, shoulders back and down, chin parallel to the ground. Do not cross your arms, legs, and ankles. At bedtime, practice while lying on your back,

  2. Close your eyes

  3. Relax your jaw, facial muscles, arms, hands, legs, and feet.

  4. Take a slow breath in and mentally say ONE, and slowly breathe out through the mouth or nose (experiment with both and see what works best for you)

  5. They take another slow breath in and mentally say TWO, and slowly breathe out

  6. Repeat till you get to the number five.

  7. Open your eyes.

See if you can smile as you do this exercise. If you wish, you can practice this with your eyes open. Aim to breathe mindfully and intentionally.

At bedtime, or when you have more time available, you may repeat this cycle for longer. Each time you get to the number ten, start at the number one again.

Connect to the healing energy:

Each night when are ready to go to bed, sit comfortably and imagine a brilliant light connecting you from your Crown Chakra, at the top of your head, to the source, whatever you perceive that to be. Then take some slow deep breaths, breathing in this light into your body and filling it with light and surrounding you in light. Then take some slow deep breaths, breathing in this light into your body and filling it with light and surrounding you in light.

Repeat upon walking up

Ground your energy:

At bedtime, sit comfortably and imagine you have energetic roots growing from the soles of your feet, connecting you to the earth. As you connect to the energy of the earth, request her to clear all unhealthy energies from your body and energy field, as you sleep. Intend that you will sleep peacefully and wake up feeling rested and energized.

Do you have a unique and natural way to enhance your sleep? If so I would love to learn from you. Please share your tips, or give me your feedback, by leaving a comment. Thank you. Have a wonderful day. head, to the source, whatever you perceive that to be.

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