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Your body is always communicating with you, are you listening?

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Imagine two or more people going through the same challenge. How each person experiences the situation, deals with it, and solves it may be completely different! When I am upset, I like to go for a walk to ground my energy, clear my mind. In a similar situation, what would you do? Go for a drive, listen to music, workout, talk to a friend, eat a tub of ice cream, or something else? Likewise, some people can handle physical pain easily but find it hard to deal with emotions, while others may manage emotions stress but panic or fall apart when in physical pain. On the surface, our challenges (usually the symptom) may look similar, but how we experience it can be very different. The core underlying issues, as well as the solutions, are very personal, unique, and valid. No one wants to be in pain - whether it is physical or emotional pain such as fear, anxiety, dis-ease, inability to conceive, emotional eating, sadness, guilt, or anger. We do what we can to stop the pain, but most of the time the results are temporary. When we experience something unpleasant, rarely are we encouraged to feel the feelings and release the emotions. We are expected to get it over as soon as possible and get on with life.

Most of us have been programmed to look outside of ourselves for solutions. As soon as a problem arises, we suppress it so it will not interfere with our life. Our body is always communicating with us. Going within can shed light on the real issue. When we keep suppressing and ignoring the subtle messages, they get louder and louder, and eventually, we have no choice but to stop and pay attention. In my experience, the best and most effective solutions come from within us. Recently, at my home, there was a discussion on a topic I am deeply passionate about, but I was unsuccessful in making my family see my perspective. Which is fine, but I felt I had the right to follow my gut instinct, while they were free to follow their logic. However, they were convinced I should go along with their decision. I felt stuck and unable to express something that was so important to me. Frustrated, I gave in and then went for a long walk to clear my head. The next morning, I twisted my ankle! My ankle was reflecting back at me how I felt: stuck, twisted, unable to move in the direction I wanted to, unable to communicate! Once I made the connection and understood what was going on, I took some deep breaths! Using self-hypnosis, I went within and a deep memory from the past came up when I felt the same way. This incident triggered that memory and I reacted much more strongly than I needed to. Once released, I felt so much better and was able to handle the situation in a better way. Some Reiki, Ice packs, and VoxxLife technology socks, and the ankle is now healed! It is liberating to discover, heal and release what is at the very core of the issue or situation so we can move forward. This results in a deep sense of lightness and expansiveness that is hard to explain in words. It's like pulling the weed from the root instead of just cutting it. How do we do this? The easiest way is to breathe into the ‘pain’, feel it, and breath it out with every exhalation. For deeper issues, a combination of energy clearing, hypnosis, visualization, and breathing can do the magic. When we go back to the memory, it can be resolved without the need for you to share it with me or talk endlessly about it. The work we do together is completely confidential. My goal is to empower you, not to be your crutch. If you are ready to work with the power of your mind and energy to clear away what is preventing you from achieving your health, wellness, career goals, release old repeating patterns and heal relationships, or manifest your heart's desires, you can schedule a free consultation with me.

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