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Let Go Of What's Causing You Unnecessary Pain

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

"Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go."

During Fall we are surrounded by the colours Red, Orange, Yellow, and Green. These are colors of the lower Chakras/Energy Centers: The Red Root Chakra is responsible for our basic necessities, material needs, ancestors, abundance, and the skeletal system; The Orange Sacral Chakra focuses on relationships with partners, children and our ability to create; The Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra is our power center. Feeling your power or feeling powerless? It also deals with the digestive system - what we ingest physically and emotionally; The Green Heart Chakra, the center for love, kindness, compassion, and forgiveness. You can benefit from the fall colors by going for walks in the woods, breathing in the energy of these colors, connecting to the earth’s energy, and meditating on the lower chakras. Take some time to feel gratitude and appreciation for nature and all life forms.

Gratitude, acts of kindness, and feelings of joy are the biggest healers and the easiest way to raise your energy frequency.

Sometimes a person, animal, or event comes into our lives and positively impacts our day or even life. Who or what can you think of that you feel grateful to/for? It could be something small like the way someone smiled at you or said something kind, just listened to you or paid for your coffee; a bird or animal that seemed to bring you a message from a loved one Sometimes an act of kindness can truly change the direction of our life or the way we perceive life. Yet, we may not have thought about sending them a thank you note to tell them how much it meant to us! This often happens with people we love as we take them and all they do for granted! Yes, you can call or leave a message but I feel there is something about writing, a part of the brain gets activated only when we put pen to paper and write!

Consider writing a letter to someone you appreciate. Or perhaps a letter to your younger self, or the present you, acknowledging all you do and thanking yourself. This may feel strange but it is a powerful exercise.

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