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In the Midst of Chaos, Choose Inner Calm

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Stress is not all bad. Stress helps us to respond to the changes in our life. It prepares us to act when faced with harmful or life-threatening situations. In a perfect world, occasionally we are faced by a stressful situation, we take action, and then the body can go back to its calm and relaxed state.

However, for years, we have been living, with constant stress, and our stress levels have only been mounting. I believe with Covid19, stress has peaked at unprecedented levels. Constant and high levels of stress can affect all areas of our life: our physical, mental, and emotional health, our relationships, and our career.

It is important to identify the stressors impacting our health. Stress may be caused by a health issue, inner fears, and concerns, or external circumstances. I believe currently most people are stressed about getting sick, their family’s health, inability to lead a normal life, finances, relationships, schooling for children, and the unpredictability of the future, to name just a few. Once we identify the causes of stress, we can begin to work toward reducing stress levels.

5 Self-help tips:

  1. Do something that’s fun: Listen to music that uplifts you, dance, sing, paint, and/or enjoy what makes you laugh!

  2. Nature: Go out for at least a few minutes daily. As you know fresh air and nature help clear your head and can be extremely healing and energizing.

  3. Breathe: Take slow deep breaths for 5–10 minutes, once or twice a day

  4. Meditate: 5-20 minutes of daily meditation can do wonders!

  5. Clear your Energy: We tend to pick up the energy of other people, even when we may not actually see them. Now, more than ever before, the energy around us is full of fear, anxiety, and stress.

To clear the energy:

  • Enjoy a salt-water bath: add 2 cups of sea salt, some Epsom salt (optional), and a few drops of your favorite essential oil (optional) to the water.

  • Schedule a Reiki or Hypnosis session for relaxation, to clear your energy field (aura) and chakras; to let go of fears, stress, and suppressed emotions or boost your confidence and improve sleep quality.

  • Practice grounding and clearing techniques.

Find 2-3 relaxation techniques that can help you reduce stress and use them daily.

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