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Towards Self-Love and Enrichment II

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Continued from the previous post...

What if we were to love and respect ourselves first? What if give our needs and desires the same priority we give to the demands or requests of others? No, I am not talking about being selfish, I am speaking about being self-caring, self-compassionate, self-respectful, and self-loving.

Think about it, if we treated our friend(s) the way we treat ourselves, how long would that friendship last?

When love is blocked instead of flowing freely, it creates energetic imbalances within the body, which can lead to physical, mental, and emotional dis-ease. We must find and connect with that unconditional loving, healing energy to feel whole and complete.

By appreciating ourselves we can take the first step towards self-love. Each day, we can do one little thing that makes us happy. We start with something small, that delights the inner child within us. Not because it's good for us, just because it brings a smile to our lips. This begins to open our hearts.

As we begin to experience the flow of love within, it radiates outwards and we start to see its loving evidence around us. We can now start to feel whole, complete, and healed. Our love begins to touch others in a positive way. We cannot change others, but when we invest time, energy, and love in ourselves, our light begins to spontaneously uplift others

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