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Why Meditate?

Meditation helps us to reconnect with who we truly are. We often get lost in the labels we have been given and the roles we play. What does that mean? As we live through life, we play different roles: child, student, friend, parent, employee, employer, partner, and so on. But who are we really, if we remove the labels?

As children, we hear things that become part of our belief systems. We may have been told, "it is selfish to put yourself first; you are slow/lazy/silly; don’t cry; don't do this/that; the list goes on and on. Somewhere along the way, we forget who we really are. We master the art of silencing our own inner voice and focusing on what others tell us.

You may have heard that our thoughts create our reality. During challenging times, we think “I couldn’t have possibly created this horrible situation!" However, most people have no clue about the hundreds of thoughts that are randomly playing in the back of their minds!

When we take a few moments to be still, we become aware of those thoughts. Once we realize that we are thinking disempowering thoughts, we can take a step to change them to thoughts that will help us create what we desire.

A meditation practice gives us the opportunity to reconnect to our true selves, to connect with our inner wisdom and strengths. It provides us with an opportunity to shift our thoughts and beliefs, and focus on what we desire.

Long-term stress activates the sympathetic nervous system.

Meditation will help you become aware of the unlimited, expansive, magnificent being that you are.

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