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Take a step towards a healthier...

“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself.

The challenge is to silence the mind.”

~ Caroline Myss

Sometimes we need a little help along the journey.


My name is Sonia and it would be my honor to be your guide. With over 2 decades of experience in holistic therapies, I can help you learn tools to clear your mind and energy, allowing your inner light to unveil the steps on the journey towards healing.  I use a combination of various modalities and techniques that I have learned and developed, focusing primarily on Reiki, Meditation, Hypnosis, and Access BARS.

You can read a little bit more about me and how I work here:

What my Clients have to say...

There is nothing more important to me than to work with you to achieve your goals.  Here's what a few of my clients have said about what it is like to work with me.

Before my session with Sonia, I was full of nervous energy – and didn’t know what to do with it.  I chose to try hypnosis with her, purely out of curiosity, and was pleasantly rewarded.  Sonia creates such a peaceful and calm environment, and her gentleness allowed me to relax  into the experience.  At the end of our time together, I felt so much more settled, like a weight was lifted off of me, and more at peace with myself.  And, although I know I made a huge discovery, I love that it felt so effortless for me! Thank you Sonia.

— Mary

I was nervous but really curious about hypnotherapy and always wanted to try it.  By the end of the first session I was hooked. I have tried other traditional forms of therapy – Therapists, Psychologists, etc, but I find that Hypnotherapy goes to the core of my issues very quickly.
Sonia is loving, kind, generous and trustworthy, and envelops you in energy of warmth and comfort. She protects me from harsh memories that surface and guides me on a journey of amazing self discovery. After each session, I feel like I just came back from a mini vacation. I am relaxed, glowing and ready to face the world.

— Shobi

 I have received Reiki, Meditation and Hypnotherapy, all with positive outcomes, as a result I am able to tolerate the stresses that life sends our way. The symptoms diminished, and I feel more relaxed and able to enjoy life with a better outlook.
I have recommended Sonia to my friends and family, and they have all experienced positive changes, her warmth and dedication.

— Lina

Sonia has been given a very special gift of understanding the human heart. Sonia has a warm gentle personality that is loving and caring. Through hypnotherapy, Sonia has helped me to be positive regarding my health, to work through my grief and the stress I have been dealing with. My doctors have been impressed and asked me to continue to see her.

Attending her meditation  group has been extremely relaxing and rewarding.

— Margaret


Sessions can be held virtually or in person at our Mississauga (Ontario) location

Near Heartland Town Centre

Bristol and Terry Fox

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