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Why do we allow the outer world make us so angry?

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

When we feel upset, angry, or agitated, it is so easy to blame the outer world. We often say, “you drive me crazy”, “why do you do things that make me angry”, “what’s happening in the world blows my mind”. We validate our emotions, then blame others for them.

Instead, we can take responsibility, deal with the feeling, and recognize that this is an emotion (energy) that is passing and expressing through me right now. Soon it will pass, and a different emotion (energy) will begin to flow.

Our natural state of being is joy and love. When we feel anything that does not stem from these natural states, I believe it is our consciousness reminding us that we are focusing on or acting from a place that is not love and joy. In other words, we are off track and need to get back in alignment.

We react to what we focus upon. We always have a choice as to what we focus on and how we react to it. I was watching a movie yesterday in which this woman who is suffering from cerebral palsy, is having lunch with a friend. He says something that triggers her. She calmly tells him, “I am suddenly feeling angry and I feel like crying. I need to go away for some time” She did not say, you made me angry, but acknowledged that she is feeling certain emotions that she needs to process.

When we stop blaming the outer world, allow ourselves to take responsibility for our feelings, and work through them, we begin to heal and evolve. If my house is dirty, I cannot simply blame the cleaning lady, or the dust in the atmosphere. I need to act, take steps to clean my surroundings. It is not easy, at first, the house may look messier, but eventually, it will be well worth the work put in. Likewise, be prepared to do the inner work so you do not get triggered by the actions of others.

So, take responsibility for your thoughts and emotions. When something or someone upsets you, projecting more anger towards them is not going to help. If possible, take some time to feel through the turbulence and release it. Recognize that there was a thought or belief within you that created that emotion, and it will pass as you feel into it.

We need more love and light in the world to transmute darkness into light. If you can do something to improve the situation, go ahead. If you can’t then please don’t add more negativity to it. Send prayers and light and visualize a world as you would like it to be.

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