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Meditation Script

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

For Full Moon/ New Moon or anytime you feel you would like to release the old and welcome the new. By: Sonia Madan

You will need:

  • Paper and Pen

  • A candle

  • A fireproof bowl

  • A smooth, tumbled crystal (choose one that will be safe in water such as clear quartz or rose quartz), cleansed and washed, then placed in a glass of fresh drinking water.

Meditation Script:

  1. Begin by lighting a candle and placing it on a table in front of you. Make sure the place and container for the candle you are using are safe.

  2. Sit comfortably and gently close your eyes.

  3. Take 5 slow deep breaths.

  4. Imagine yourself surrounded by a protective light, or whatever form of protection that feels right to you. Reiki channels may imagine reiki symbol(s) on all their sides.

  5. If you feel guided, invite your guides, angels, or other light beings.

  6. Gently open your eyes and keep them soft as you focus on the flame of the candle. After about a minute, gently close your eyes holding the image of the flame in the center of your forehead for a minute or so.

  7. Next, imagine the flame moving down to the area just behind your belly button. Imagine its light and energy radiating through your abdomen. Place your hands just above your navel, and breathe in and out from here.

  8. Take a moment to contemplate what is it that you would like to release on this full moon (or this day).

  9. When you feel ready, gently open your eyes, and write down what you are ready to release. Jot down whatever comes through, even if at this time it does not make sense to you.

  10. Carefully light the paper on fire over the fireproof bowl. Thank the fire for receiving your offering. Note: Other options if burning is not possible/safe: after the meditation, put the paper in a ziplock, add some water and leave it in the freezer for several weeks. Then remove the zip lock and place the ice and paper in the garden bed, or bury it in a flowerpot.

  11. Hold the glass of water, with a crystal, in your hands. Close your eyes and turn your attention inwards. Become aware of your natural breathing. Visualize yourself in a beautiful garden filled with flowers.

  12. Contemplate what you would like to manifest for yourself in the coming months.

  13. Feel the positive changes, feel the happiness and fulfillment… the satisfaction and joy…

  14. When this feels complete for you, say to yourself “I am choosing to appreciate and honor all the blessings that I already have."

  15. Bless the water with your appreciation and drink some of it.

  16. End with giving thanks to the circle of protection and the light helpers.

  17. Blow out the candle.

  18. If you feel guided, write down your intentions as if they have already manifested, and place the paper under the glass of water, on an altar, or in your Reiki Healing Grid.

  19. If you can see the moon (otherwise just visualize it) send it your appreciation and gratitude.

  20. Ground yourself but feel your connection to the earth.

  21. place the water where it can absorb the moon's energy. Have some water every day, for 3-5 days, feeling appreciation for all the blessings you already have in your life. You may add more water to the glass each day.

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