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Let us spread peace, love, and Joy... A Guided Meditation Recording for you.

I feel like we are living in a world where the number of light workers is increasing. There is more awareness of the power of love and prayers. However, as humans, we always seem to be at war of some kind. There is war with oneself, war against disease, war among each other, war against countries… There is so much fear-based energy. We get caught up in anger, resentment, hate, and revenge. We are seeing, hearing, reading, thinking, and talking about what is going wrong. We get angry, judgemental, fearful, and sad. Without realizing we are adding more fuel to the fire. How? We are contributing to the negative and dark energies with our own negative energies. We send waves upon waves of low vibrational energies out into the universe. We are even absorbing the negative energies from the atmosphere and begin to feel angrier, and the cycle continues. Have you noticed how you begin to feel heavy and sluggish when you are letting yourself feed on so much negativity? This definitely is not your intention!

Instead let us take a few moments at least once a day to send out some love, light, and positive energies. When anyone is in a dark place where they can not see beyond their hate and anger, they need as much love and light as possible, so they can heal. It makes no sense to send hate or anger their way as this will only increase the negativity!

Whatever we focus on increases and grows. So, let us focus on sending light and love. Let us focus on creating a world where there is peace, love, and joy.

I have recorded this mediation, and have made it available for free for everyone, with the desire that more and more people send out love and light so that we neutralize the “war” energies and bring as much love and light into the planet as possible. Please share this meditation with others, let’s do our part in spreading the light.

I will leave you with two quotes.

“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle” An Italian proverb.

“The only time you should look down at someone is when you are helping them up." Jesse Jackson

Read this before you begin.

Today I will guide you through a meditation with the intention to send out the vibrations of peace, love, and light wherever it is needed. This meditation will also help you to relax and open your heart chakra so you may experience more joy in your life.

It is important to listen to this only when you will not be disturbed, and your attention is not needed elsewhere. For best results, listen to this daily or as often as possible.,

Find a comfortable place to meditate and relax. Choose one of the following positions:

1. Sit on a chair with your back straight, yet relaxed, feet flat on the ground, arms resting on your lap.

2. Sit on the floor or a meditation cushion in a lotus or semi-lotus position. Hands on your lap.

3. Sit on a meditation stool, kneeling down, back straight yet comfortable. Hands resting on your thighs.

4. Lie down on a bed or a couch, legs uncrossed, and hands by your side.

Put your phone on silent. Have some water and a blanket at hand, in case you need it.

After the meditation, do some light stretches, have some water, and make sure you feel alert and grounded before you continue with your day.

Thank you for listening and for spreading your light. If you enjoy the mediation please share it with others and do leave a comment. Thank you!



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