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A Short Guided Meditation to De-Stress. Imagine a life free of stress, pain, and anxiousness! ~ My gift to you with love.

Updated: Apr 27

Can you imagine having a device that could reduce your anxiety, improve sleep, enhance your ability to focus, lower stress and stress related problems such as pain and blood pressure!

You don’t have to, because this tool was discovered thousands of years ago and it's called meditation! With a little help and practice, you can utilize this humble practice that will reap more benefits than you can imagine. Here are just a few of the many benefits of daily meditation practice:

· Reduced anxiety levels by as much as 60%

· Improved quality of sleep

· Increase in focus and productivity (as much as 120%)

· Enhanced overall wellbeing and energy levels?

· Reduction in stress and stress-related illnesses such as blood pressure and pain.

Meditation is a very simple and powerful tool to relax your mind and body. Like anything else you wish to master, it is important to have a daily meditation practice. When you set aside 10-20 minutes, once or twice a day to meditate, you are sending a powerful message to yourself that your health and wellbeing are important to you. This is truly an investment you make that will always bring dividends on many different levels. Are you worth it? Are you ready to start devoting just 10-20 minutes daily, to improve your physical, mental, emotional health and possibly prevent many stress-related problems?

Do I hear you say… “yes that would be great, but I just don’t have the time right now? I will start after this project is over/ next month/ when it's less busy, or even meditation is just not my thing…”When the temperatures drop to below freezing, you don’t say “I will turn on the heating next month”. You switch it on right away. When you are serious about something, you get focused and act right away.

Here is a simple practice to get you started, and for those of you who already meditate, it will help you achieve deeper relaxation. Once in a relaxed state, you can give yourself positive suggestions, to enhance your mind’s ability to create positive changes.

What is a suggestion?

A suggestion is an affirmation, a positive phrase or sentence, that you repeat several times, mentally or out loud to create a positive change.

It is important to avoid words such as ‘not’, can’t, don’t. Here is an example: “my back does not hurt anymore” is not a good suggestion. Instead use “I am beginning to bend, walk and move with ease” or “every day my back is feeling better and better”.

Let suggestions be believable and measurable. You cannot say I am pain-free while you are feeling the pain.

As you repeat the positive suggestion, you can visualize yourself, bending, walking, and moving with ease. Feel what it feels like to move free of all pain… add as many senses to your visualization as you can. The more you can imagine and feel, the easier it is for your mind and body to manifest it for you.

Initially, I suggest you repeat the same suggestion for 7-21 days before moving to a different one. After a few months of regular practice, you can give yourself up to 3 suggestions at a time.

I have recorded a meditation for you. Listen to it for a few days. Once you get the hang of it, you can do the meditation on your own and add your own affirmations.

Taking the above example here are a few more affirmations:

“My back feels relaxed, comfortable, and healthy. My back is getting stronger and stronger, and it supports me as I bend, walk, and enjoy my life.”

There are several other guided meditation recordings available on the Asra Wellness website’s membership area, which also offers you the opportunity to attend weekly meditations over the Zoom platform.

I would love to know about your meditation practice, to learn about your experiences and suggestions. If you enjoy this meditation, please share it with others who may benefit from some relaxation and improved health.

Thank you


Sonia Madan

Photo Credit for this post and video: Jay Castor on Unsplash

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