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Wake Up! part 2

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Sometimes, pre-life, (this is what I believe and by no means expect you to believe if you don't wish to) a soul agrees to help another soul achieve their life lesson(s). They may agree to create a situation so the other is forced to learn what it is here to learn. To give you an example, a soul may agree to part ways, because the other wished to experience betrayal; loneliness; learn to be independent and self-sufficient, or take responsibility in some way. The soul is not looking for a simple challenge-free life. It’s looking for spiritual growth and expansion.

So, when faced with a challenge, thank it for arriving, so you can get back on track. Thank it for giving you an opportunity. Thank it for coming so you can begin to heal. You are not the victim. You are being guided to wellbeing and towards whatever is for your highest and greatest good. Trust in the process. Be as grateful as you can be. Visualize your life after you have crossed this “pothole” & the path becomes smoother, more enjoyable, and in line with your soul’s yearnings.

What has manifested is due to your past thoughts, actions, and karma. It’s already manifested and will live its course.

Important: What you are thinking, feeling, believing now, is creating your future, your life when you have crossed this current rough patch in your life path. What are you thinking? What are you feeling? What are you believing? What are you saying? Do you want these to manifest in your future?

Meditate, visualize and dream of a life beyond this current challenge… create it mentally & emotionally! Use your imagination. See the future beyond ‘this’. See it, Feel it, Taste it, Smell it! Use all your senses. Write and create a new movie, a new chapter. Create it mentally as well as energetically so that once this path is done, you can meet the new path and welcome the new chapter, that WILL BE Happier, Healthier, More Radiant, More Joyful, More Fulfilling than what you can even imagine!

Affirmation (examples):

“I am grateful for the opportunity to be guided back on my life’s path so my life on earth and beyond can flow with Ease and Grace and Joy, thank you!”

“I am beginning to welcome and enjoy perfect, radiant health”

Love and Light

Sonia Madan

Asra Wellness Center

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